In an interview with rymbox news NANA B ANSONG explain his reason for doing RAP GOSPEL MUSIC and also hits more on his new song that his about to release .

He explain further ‘ I believe its time the word of God is taking to the street in a way that the one on the street who does not go to church and also does not listen to our local way praises and worship songs but listens to a hard core rap or a hip pop rap music will get the word .
The songs I do is not just raping or combining words together but I do pick every word from the bible . We always sit in the church preaching to same people everyday ,let get to the street and give them the word which is JESUS . Reading the book of Matthew 28:19 , lets go and bring those on the street to the church.
My new single titled” SAME GOD ” featuring Rebecca ,which will be release soon talks more about the God of yesterday who is the same God of Today . be ready for the song .
God bless u above human imaginations